Sleep away cabin


Help us build our Sleepaway Camp Cabin!


GHR is thrilled to have much of our “Cabin” in place… we just need to give her a facelift. With your help, we can open our doors to Sleepaway Camp this May, creating a place that fosters independence and promotes activities and teamwork. Camps will run most weekends from Friday to Sunday.


One of the most important aspects of overnight camp is that it provides the incredible opportunities for appropriate social interaction.


Who doesn’t want to go to camp? Sleepaway Cabin makes it possible for everyone to be included and parents and caregivers get much needed respite. It’s a win-win! 


Please consider one of the great ways to donate below, either in part or for the full amount. Your name will be featured on a beautiful plaque showing your support for this important project. 

You may donate all or any portion towards outfitting our Sleep Away Cabin bedrooms!


2 BUNK BEDS - $850 Each

Each bunk bed supports 2 Campers and includes extra heavy duty frame, 2 camp code compliant mattresses and a ladder.


4 Twin Beds - $250 Each

Each bed supports 1 Camper and includes extra heavy duty frame and a camp code compliant mattress.





We are fortunate to have a beautiful, large swimming pool in place. With a few upgrades we will be able to have it up and running by summertime.

Why is a pool important?

Swimming aids development of motor skills planning, physical fitness, social interaction and self-esteem.


Movement in a gravity reduced environment helps to organize and focus while encouraging play and communication.

Your donation will be reflected in a beautiful plaque placed by the pool.
Here’s how you can help…


Plaster interior of pool - $10,000   


Fencing entire pool area - $10,000  


Concrete repair - $7,000


Repair filter system - $5,000


Accessible chair lift - $4,000


Changing Room Structures - $3,000




Upgrade Interior Pool Bathrooms - $1,800


Repair Concrete Slabs in Changing Rooms - $1,000




Bleachers for Sport Court - $1,000