Our Parents Speak Out


"My name is Mary Carron-James and I am the mother of a wonderful 21 year old son named Tyler. I would like to tell you how Golden Heart Ranch has helped my family.


        GHR has some of the best programs around. Tyler can now have his socialization but also is taught necessary life skills. Tyler has become quite the independent young man, whereas before he was very shy. He has become part of a team with his peers as well as working out, getting fresh air and exercise with The Track Club. He is learning to use money, order food and to participate in a grown up environment with the Supper Club. I have just enrolled him in the Cooking Program. Again I believe this will help him develop life skills that he will need and can use in the future.


        In my opinion these programs have some of the best program managers and are run professionally with knowledge, patience and love for our children. I believe that Tyler is also being helped with his listening skills and speech.  He is considered deaf and wears hearing aids. They speak directly to him.


        This year’s Summer Day Camp was an exceptional experience. Each day they would board a bus and head out for a new adventure. Tyler was so happy and excited he could hardly wait for each day. This organization is greatly needed as are their programs. I hope in the future they develop more programs and an Adult Day Program. At age 22 our kids age out and good programs are hard to find.


         Thank you Golden Heart Ranch for making my family smile again and giving our son so much joy and so many friends."

"My 19 year old son Evan has been attending Golden Heart Ranch activities with other young adults with special needs for several years.  Golden Heart Ranch has developed wonderful classes for our young adults such as Supper Club, Cooking Club, and Track Club.  These classes are coached by skilled professionals and my son has increased his attention to task and now demonstrates improved communication and socialization skills with peers and adults.  Evan has also joined in the community days at the Golden Heart Ranch site in Agoura Hills and worked together with others while painting, cleaning, and other skill building tasks on the property.  Golden Heart Ranch has been critical in my son's socialization and development and I am most grateful!"

Lisa Z. - mother of Evan


"Golden Heart Ranch provides our son with the opportunity to truly feel relaxed while engaged in various meaningful ranch activities. The beautiful landscape provides a visually therapeutic escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and gives him all the time he needs to feel safe, vital and included by his peers and GHR staff."

Kristina M. - mother of Zach

"I would like to thank Golden Heart Ranch for hosting the incredibly fun Halloween Bash.  My daughter, Olivia had the most fun decorating pumpkins, playing games, and interacting with the other kids.  She was so comfortable in this environment as it is such an amazing place for our children.  Looking forward to many events in the future."

Anna K. - mother of Olivia

"My son loves spending time out at Golden Heart Ranch especially for Community Days which for our kids are vocational training opportunities. He loves the many projects which are available to choose from. His first project was doing pallet art, in which he helped sand and paint a pallet to be used as a planter.  The smile on his face when he completes a project is priceless.  Daniel has autism and is non-verbal however by way of his voice output device he continually requests to go back out to the ranch and work."


Barbara P. - mother of Daniel

"My son Tyler had a great time helping at the amphitheater. He carried pilings with a wheel barrel with Billy, pulled out nails and carried boards. He actually surprised me as to what he could do. Tyler loves to sing and dance and entertain people. I am sure that this theater will be his favorite place to perform. I want to thank Golden Heart Ranch for helping him build his dream and be able to making people laugh and smile as he does it."
Mary C. - mother of Tyler