Our Donors

Golden Heart Ranch is only possible with generous donations of all sizes. Here we feature just a few of our supporters. Click here to make a donation and help us in our mission to secure the futures of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


ELITE HEARTS ($250,000+)


Fred and Lenore Kayne | Jewish Community Foundation


Diamond Hearts ($30,000+)



Jerry D. Kayne and Ida Kayne Administrative Trust
Merrill Lynch

Bank of America Matching Accounts

William H. Tilley Family Foundation

Bob and Nita Hirsh Family Foundation

PLATINUM Hearts ($20,000+)

Alyse and Mark Zwickel

Bank Of America Foundation

Debra Davis Kinkelaar

Lockton Companies, LLC

Mark and Cathy Hampson

Mary and Dick James

Paul Kinkelaar

Rose and Bill Hein

Steve and Ivan Halaj

Wintercreek Foundation


GOLDEN HEARTS ($10,000+)


Benevity Community Impact Fund
Beverly Culbertson
Chubb Insurance
CNA Foundation
Coleen Rockey
DirecTV Gift Matching Fund
Extra Mile Marketing
Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation (IICF)
Laurie Hawkes
Liberty Mutual Group
Murad Family Foundation
National Lighting Solutions (NLS)
One Million Ways
Pat Thoma and Pacific Lighting of San Diego
Rena and Jon Biel
Robert Goldstein
Skechers Foundation
The Natter Family Foundation




Aidan's Red Envelope Foundation
Autism Speaks, Inc

Bank of America United Way Campaign
Carolyn Kinahan
Chicago Title Company
City National Bank
Dave and Anne Farrell

Ellen Hein
G-Force Construction

Give with Liberty Employee Donations
Golden West Food Group
Gregory and Sue Morse
Hartford Fire Insurance Company
Joe Rich – Rich Development Company
Lionel Brown
Manhattan Country Club
Mike and Diana Grannis – Riviera Center Management
Nathan Crair
Northrop Grumman Systems Corp
Ryan Specialty Group, LLC
Schwab Charitable Fund
Southern California EdisonWen
The Center for Learning Unlimited, Inc.
The Ireland Family Foundation

The Solomon R. and Ebecca D. Baker Foundation
Visionaire Lighting, LLC
Wendelin Maners
Whole Foods Market

Worldwide Facilities, Inc.


Bronze Hearts ($2500+)


Anita June Ramirez

Brandi Miller
Bruce N Goldreyer
Cargo Sales International
Continental Development Corp

Evan and Martha Olson
Fraser Financial and Insurance Services, Inc.
Fred Hillis
Good Neighbor Fund of Spirit Aerosystems Tulsa
Gordon A Wood
Honda Center
James and Ann Kelly
Jeff and Corey Newman
Kirk, Jonni& Tyler Conant

Kristina and Bernie Mermelstein
L and S Milken Foundation
Mari-Anne and Eddie Kehler

Mary Spencer
Meyer Esther Mazor Foundation Inc.
Peter Wilcox
Phillip and Alexis Schafer
Roger I. MacFarlane
Special Children's League, Inc.
The Bauman Charity Foundation

The Swanton Family Foundation
The Zenith
Tracy Barrow
Travelers Insurance

Whitney Young Children's Foundation


RANCHERS ($1000+)


Adam Shea
American Business Bank
Artistes D’Mexico, Inc
Bernard and Joan Lesage
Blanchard for Others
Bob Jonas and Dan Almquist – Frontier Investments
Bobbie and Jesse Hendrickson
Brett Williamson
Catriona M McVicar
Charlene Lee
Charles and Diane Walsey
Chris Holstein
Christy and David Badenoch
Cindy & Bryan Fried
Connie Law

Contemporary Lighting Sales, Inc.
Dan Blow
Dana Good

Darling Family Foundation

David Duckworth
David R. Ellis
Debbie Hurwicz
Eileen and Gary Fowler

Endurance Services Limited
Erik John & Tracy van Wier
Erik Litmanovich
Evelyn Booth
Everest National Insurance
Gary Bengtson

Gary Lichtig
George Wentworth
Georgios Xanthogeorgis

Heidi Birnbaum
Imants and Christina Eglitis

Inner Circle Investments, Inc.

James Zimmerman
John Bush
John Walsey
Karen and Jim Boysen
Kathy Gelsey
Kay and John Holliday

KCDM, Inc.
Kim and Dwayne Sinclair
Laura and John Armour

Lee Ann and Melvin H.Jacobs Foundation
Leon Potter
Linda and Jake Loftus
Linda Schuman

Lisa Perlot
Lisa Zucker
Lucy Turrin

Margaret and Roland Jordan
Margaret Pawlowski

Michael King
Michael Winston
Mike Potter
Mitch Rose
Nadine Winn
Paley Commercial Real Estate

Pamela and Ricardo Gorecki
Philadelphia Insurance Companies
Premier America Credit Union

Professional Liability Underwriting Society Foundation (Plus)
Providence Little Company of Mary - Torrance
Sandy and Cindy Sigal
Scott and Jill Walsey
Shai Levitin and Eran Industries
Shauna Valenzuela
Sidney Stern Memorial Trust
Skinn Cosmetics, LLC
Standard Lighting, LLC
Stephanie and Mark Baxter

Steve Donner
Sue Coleman

The Marcia Israel Foundation, Inc.

The Holmes Revocable Living Trust

The Vons Foundation
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Foundation
Tim and Nancy Wheeler
Universal Lighting Technologies
US Bank National Association

Virginia Pollack

Vision Engineering Mand Metals Stamping, Inc.
Wayne J Carucci
William Phegley
Zurich American Insurance Co.


In Memory Of


Andrew C. Marsh
Angela Law
Barbara Klass
Bernie Seiferling
Charles and Charles Jr. Culbertson
Craig Aaronson
Daniel Pacheco
Danny Jordan
David Leach
David Rosenson
David Sponder
Dirk van Wier

Dicky Alta van Wier

John van Wier

Peter Alexander van Wier
Dr. Eugene Gettleman
Dr. Joel Hein
Fred Cornell
Harry and Freida Fisher
Harvey Chernikoff
Jackie Beekman
Karol Hesse
Kenneth Neil Silvers, MD

Mike Baumann

Pearl Friedland
Resurreccion R. Soliven
Rick Folger
Rose Ann Adolfi

Suzanne Potter
Uncle Ed and Cousin Michael
Vicente W. Chang
Vinnie Kinkelaar
Warren Ackerman
William Phegley


In Honor Of


Alex Kinkelaar
Alpha Wagoner
Bobbie Hendrickson
Christine Badenoch
Daniel M. Pacheco
Dean Schneider
Derek Velting
Flynn Borgeson
Gregory Hurwicz
Hilaria Rangel DeVargas
Justin Hein
Kelly Navarro
Liam Kehler
Lior Ben-Haiem
Mark Zwickel

Michael & Michelle Kazmer
Mr. Pete James
Mr. & Mrs. James Burschinger

Nick Hoskins
Pearl Friedland
Sean Alexander McIntosh

Suzanne Potter
Sydney Hendrickson
The Hein Family

The Dosh Wedding
Tyler James