Our Mission


We believe that all individuals – including those with special needs – should have the opportunity to reach their fullest potential and have the right to a dignified and meaningful quality of life.

The Problem


In the state of California alone, there are approximately 350,000 children diagnosed with special needs.  Their numbers are growing: the recent nationwide upswing in severe developmental disorders like autism and epilepsy has been overwhelming and shows no sign of abating.  Millions of dollars are spent each year to combat these disorders but too little time and money have been allocated to the pressing issue of finding jobs and housing for the millions of young people with special needs that must eventually leave the school system. Government statistics show that more than 90% of them are unable to ever leave home – but what happens when parents become too old or sick to adequately care for their dependents with special needs.

The few special needs families that make that transition to out-of-home care find that most available housing is antiquated and does not provide much of a lifestyle for their young adult.  They need much more than just a roof over their head and a bed in order to thrive; they deserve the kind of purpose-driven and meaningful life the rest of us enjoy.  With this in mind, GHR dedicates itself to supporting person-centered plans that are consumer-controlled, innovative living options to encourage socialization and independent living skills that transfer to the workplace and daily life.  Above all, we believe in plans and processes designed around choice for each family


Almost all parents of children with special needs face the same daunting questions: “What will happen to my child when I am no longer here to take care of him/her?” 




GHR has a strong emphasis on person-centered plans. We provide meaningful classes, programs and social events that encourage and facilitate vocational and independent living skills for everyday life. Our Ranchers, aka “clients”  have the opportunity to choose from individualized jobs that in turn promotes an important sense of accomplishment  which we believe is the key to spiritual and social growth. Golden Heart Ranch combines  the need for relaxation, fun and entertainment with skill-building activities… a perfect combination for continual social and emotional growth.


Our values

•    Choice
•    Inclusion
•    Consumer-Controlled
•    Person-Centered Plans
•    Independence
•    Integrity
•    Personal Growth
•    Empowerment
•    Innovative
•    Partnerships
•    Personality


•    Unconditional Love
•    Respect / Dignity
•    Acceptance
•    Safety
•    Community
•    Family Oriented
•    Harmony
•    Confidentiality
•    Emotional Security
•    Nurturing